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Below Deck Med Season 8 Ended With a Huge Tip and the Crew’s Reaction Is Priceless: “Holy Crap”

Below Deck Med Season 8 Ended With a Huge Tip and the Crew’s Reaction Is Priceless: “Holy Crap”

Get details on how much the Mustique crew made in tips for the charter season and find out who Captain Sandy Yawn deemed a “joy” to work with.

Bon Voyage yachties!


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The Season 8 finale of Below Deck Mediterranean aired on January 22, finally bringing an end to one of the wildest seasons yet.

Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the Italian Riviera-based yachties deal with many issues like drama in the workplace, being short of crew members due to health scares, and numerous ups and downs in their friendships and boatmances.

Despite those minor hiccups, the team provided an exceptional yachting experience for all their charter guests. In fact, the final guests of the season loved their time onboard so much that they found the perfect way to reward the Mustique crew.

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Spoiler alert: The reward was green and it was a large sum of it.

Read on for details on the yachties’ final tip meeting of the season, including what Captain Sandy Yawn enjoyed the most about her team below.


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Details on Below Deck Med’s Season 8 Final Tip Meeting

After the yachties said goodbye to the primary charter guest, Victor, who commended them on a “fantastic” job, they reconvened in the main salon for their last tip meeting. Judging by the appearance of the tip envelope, it looked like it was packed tightly, with the crew soon finding out just how generous their guest was following their trip.

During their meeting, Captain Sandy praised her team for navigating a “challenging” final charter before sharing details on their combined tips, which nearly topped $190,000.

The cast of Below Deck Mediterranean sits on couches in uniform in episode 816.

“So here we have $15,000 – $1,153 per person, and our season total was $182,000 – $14,279 per person,” Captain Sandy told the crew, adding, “You made almost $15,000.”

As for everyone’s reaction to the sheer amount of income they made, Kyle Viljoen said aloud, “Holy crap,” while Lara Du Preez shared in a confessional, “That is a big amount of money.”

Captain Sandy Yawn applauds her team on their final charter

Captain Sandy smiling with her arms crossed in the wheelhouse of the yacht.

The crew may have been impressed by their tips, but hearing Captain Sandy’s positive remarks on their work performance is what forged a smile on their faces. “It was an absolute joy to work with every one of you,” she said.


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Captain Sandy continued by highlighting chief stew Tumi Mhlongo’s “leadership” shills, chef Jack Luby’s “enthusiasm” in the kitchen, and bosun Luka Brunton’s “nice work” in taking charge in his appointed position.

The good times didn’t stop there. The Mustique crew ended things with a celebratory dinner along with Captain Sandy, and of course, they capped off their night with one last bar crawl.

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