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Phaedra Parks calls out Below Deck alum Kate Chastain for ‘weird’ and ‘personal’ strategy on The Traitors

Phaedra Parks calls out Below Deck alum Kate Chastain for ‘weird’ and ‘personal’ strategy on The Traitors

Phaedra Parks and Kate Chastain on The Traitors
Phaedra isn’t happy with how Kate played The Traitors. Pic credit: Peacock

Phaedra Parks has some words about her fellow Bravoleberty Below Deck alum Kate Chastain after their time on The Traitors Season 2.

Kate and Phaedra seemed like the perfect Traitors dream team who could win it all together.

After the RHOA alum picked the Below Deck star to join her as a Traitor, all signs pointed to them taking home the cash.

However, that all changed when Phaedra got too much heat on her at more than one Roundtable.

It quickly became clear that Phaedra’s days were numbered so Kate did what she does best and turned on Phaedra to keep her Traitor status a secret.

Kate called Phaedra more “selfish than skillful” while also declaring that Phaedra was the only person at the roundtable that Kate could “stomach voting for.”

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Now, ahead of The Traitors Season 2 finale and reunion show, Phaedra has called out Kate, who she feels took the game to a super personal level.

Phaedra Parks calls out Below Deck alum Kate Chastain for her The Traitors strategy

After she was Banished and revealed as a Traitor, Phaedra chatted with Extra’s Megan Ryte to dish all about her time on the hit Peacock show.

Megan wasted no time bringing up just how personal Kate got when she voted for Phaedra to be Banished.

“Kate, you know, people game differently, and I just would not; at the end, everyone there I wanted, I wouldn’t have had a problem if they won. So I wasn’t going to turn on someone because I wanted to save myself,” she stated.

The Married to Medicine star explained that she never even wanted to turn on the Below Deck alum before insinuating she doesn’t have any morals. Megan and Phaedra also agreed that Kate went too “personal” during her speech to Phaedra, and it was a “weird” choice.

RHOA alum Phaedra Parks defends her The Traitors gameplay

Kate felt like Phaedra just gave up once the heat was turned on her but that wasn’t the case. Phaedra’s very loyal, which tended to be a problem for her in the game, especially when Kate began pointing the finger at Survivor alum Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Being a Traitor and having that oath meant something to Phaedra, at least when it came to Kate.

“I’m very loyal, and when I took the oath, I was going to play the game fair. I would have never put anyone on the block that I knew was not a Traitor, and I wasn’t going to give up Kate. I just wouldn’t do that,” Phaedra spilled.

Kate Chastain and Phaedra Parks will hash it out at The Traitors Season 2 hosted by Andy Cohen. Phaedra has plenty to say about the season and it will no doubt be oh so good.

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