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Captain Sandy Got “So F-cking Mad” at the Crew for *These* Reasons

The Below Deck Mediterranean captain lamented about the “disaster” she had to deal with aboard Mustique.

In the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 midseason trailer, Captain Sandy Yawn talked about the “stuff that makes [her] mad” — and now we know what drama she was referring to


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On Season 8, Episode 11, which aired on December 4, the full crew, including Tumi Mhlongo, Luka Brunton, Kyle Viljoen, Jack Luby, Jessika Asai, Lara Du Preez, Haleigh Gorman, Max Salvador, and new stew Lily Davison, were taken to task by Sandy for various reasons.

Keep scrolling to find out why Sandy got upset at the crew.

Captain Sandy is upset about the crew mess looking like “a frat house”

After the crew went out for their night off, Sandy came downstairs to the crew mess area to find, well, quite the mess.

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“Oh my god…that’s disgusting,” Sandy exclaimed as she encountered a sink full of dishes and empty beer cans and a table covered in empty beer bottles, cans, and liquor bottles.

“It’s like babysitting. I f-cking hate it,” Sandy lamented as she cleaned up some of the mess.

“When I walk downstairs, I don’t want to see this disaster,” she shared in an interview as we flashed back to her telling the crew that the crew mess was the deck team’s responsibility to keep “tidy.”

She continued in the interview: “Even in between charters… after your party you clean up after yourself. It’s not a frat house.”

Captain Sandy scolds bosun Luka Brunton for how he handled the crew’s responsibilities

Captain Sandy having a conversation with a crew member on Below Deck

Unfortunately for the crew, later in the episode, Sandy took them to task yet again after some deck responsibilities were slightly mismanaged.

It all started when Tumi needed Luka to bring up the tender to pick up a “mentalist” on the dock for some entertainment for that charter’s guests. “There could have been better communication on both parts, but it would have been nice if maybe Luka came up to me and said, ‘Yo…do you need a tender later on? We’re pulling it up.’ That’s what’s happened on my past boats.”

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