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Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa’s daughter Ciara got married in a…

Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa’s daughter Ciara got married in a New York City wedding! Look at the photos

Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa’s daughter Ciara got married in a New York City wedding! Look at the photos

“It was just a big party and of course it was very emotional, [because] it was my youngest daughter,” the actor told PEOPLE of Ciara’s wedding

Steve Schirripa is a proud father of the bride!

The Blue Bloods actor, 66, wed his youngest daughter Ciara Schirripa on Sunday. Ciara, 27, married longtime boyfriend Zach Binder at Tribeca Grill in New York City, surrounded by family and friends.

Steve – who is best known for playing Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos from 2000 to 2007 – told PEOPLE that Ciara’s wedding was a “family affair.”

“We all planned the wedding together,” the actor said. Zach has been with Ciara for seven years – they were college sweethearts – and so he is already part of the family.”

“It was just a big party and of course very emotional, [because] it was my youngest daughter. Now we are truly homeless, me and my wife Laura,” he continued. custom.

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Although he regrets Ciara getting married, Steve says he couldn’t ask for a better husband for his daughter. “Zach is… I’m very, very proud to have him as [son-in-law]. He will take care of my daughter,” he shared. “I won’t be here forever and he’s a really good boy.”

The newlyweds met in 2014 while they were students at the University of Delaware. They started dating in 2016 and got engaged in October 2022.

Ciara said her wedding was “truly the best day” of her life. “From start to finish,” she declared. “Just my prep team was amazing.”

The bride wore a white strapless Jude Jowilson gown with a bow on the back. After seeing Ciara in the dress, Zach – who wore a classic white tuxedo – immediately said yes.

“He said, ‘I knew it was going to be simple but with a little bit of drama. That’s exactly who you are,’” Ciara recalls.

For her bridal look, Ciara worked with makeup artist Melinda Medina, who helped create the soft, natural glamor she was going for. “I’m not too good at makeup,” she explained. “I wanted to achieve a more natural look while still looking and feeling really beautiful.”

Toni Coburn, who worked on The Drew Barrymore Show, styled her hair. “I’ve known her for a long time. My mom, my sister and I all go to her to get our hair done,” Ciara said of Coburn.

When she walked into the wedding venue for the first time, Ciara was overwhelmed. “Everything was absolutely perfect — the lighting, the table arrangement,” she recalls. “Even on the way there, we were in a big, beautiful limo and I had to sit in the car waiting for everyone to get in. It was so fun to watch all my friends get in.”

Tribeca Grill has special meaning to the Schirripa family, as both Ciara and her sister Bria worked there while in college. Bria also held her own wedding there in April 2021.

During Ciara and Zach’s ceremony, Steve walked his daughter down the aisle to Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.” Ciara said it was an emotional and happy moment.

“I wasn’t nervous at all, but as soon as the door opened and I looked at my dad, I said ‘Oh, my God’. I was so emotional that I cried,” she recounted.

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Although Ciara described her and Zach as “humble people,” she said the wedding was anything but. “There is nothing light about a wedding,” she joked.

The venue features green and white accents throughout to create a “whimsical, rustic” feel, with details such as greenery, twinkling lights, disco balls, small vases containing full of flowers and flying candles.

To represent Ciara’s mother’s Mexican-American heritage, a five-member mariachi group performed. A nine-piece band, Mari Entertainment (formerly known as NYC Swing), also provided music.

“We went to one of their showcases, probably in January or February, and we had the most amazing time with them,” she said of the band. “We said, ‘We need to book now.’”

“The whole time, it was like a private concert,” she continued. “They sing everything from Motown to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ to ‘Empire State of Mind’ and Biggie.”

As for the food, everything is served family style. The menu includes short ribs, fried chicken, swordfish, veggies, spicy rigatoni, pumpkin ravioli, and mac and cheese. There is also a large table serving Italian hors d’oeuvres with salami, a variety of cheeses and fruit.

“It was amazing,” Ciara raved. “Everyone was just telling us all night long how good the food was.”

The couple’s strawberry and whipped cream wedding cake was made by Veniero’s, a famous Italian bakery in the East Village. Visitors also love cannoli.

As Ciara reflects on her wedding day, she says she’s still pinching herself about how magical the occasion was.
“I wish I could relive it all again, moment by moment. It was absolutely perfect,” she said. “Especially [because] everyone I love and cherish was at the wedding.”

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