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Blue Bloods Finally Reunited With Jennifer Esposito, But Will She Return For Season 14..? Still Better

Blue Bloods Finally Reunited With Jennifer Esposito, But Will She Return For Season 14..? Still Better

It’s always nice to have the people you care about back.

Blue Bloods is a treasure trove of interesting characters and compelling storylines. When a fan favorite character quits the show, it can be difficult for the fandom to let go.

This was the case when Jennifer Esposito quit the show nine years ago after three seasons as the dynamic Jackie Curatola.

Her exit from the show was later found to be rather dramatic. Esposito had been given doctor’s orders to take a week off work due to celiac disease, but CBS dismissed her without even trying to find out what was going on, according to the actress.

After that, no fan would want to see Esposito’s character on the program again. Her character was tragically murd3red off by the writers.

Jackie was shot on the job, and while she was recovering, she began to doubt her career as a detective and resigned.

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The final sequence was brief and unsatisfying, particularly for admirers who had grown close to Jackie. But, as it turns out, miracles do occur. And, nearly a decade after her forced departure, the actress returned to the show in the season 13 finale.

Needless to say, fans were overjoyed to see her finally get the opportunity to fully develop her character. Not with her new work title and everything.

Even though she returned briefly in the season 13 finale, she was the show’s highlight. Seeing her and Danny work together to solve murd3rs brought back the fondest memories from the earlier seasons.

Now the discussion has begun as to whether she will return for the following season or if it was just a one-time scene to please the fans. The season 13 open finale leaves the door open for Jackie to return – and there’s plenty of room in the plot for her as well.

In any case, even if she was only back for a short while, it’s reassuring to know that her character is okay following the injury. But what they really want is for her to be there when season 14 begins, even if the premiere date has not yet been set.


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