Debbie and Tony got engaged and started to plan for their wedding

Debbie and Tony got engaged and started to plan for their wedding

According to one of her Instagram posts, it looks like 90 Day Fiancé star Debbie Johnson, already got engaged to her Canadian boyfriend Tony. The 70-year-old became a well-known figure on reality television, after her first appearance on 90 day fiancé season 6. She’s from Las Vegas, and she was the overprotective mother of Colt Johnson’s and Larissa Lima’s wicked mother-in-law. After Colt divorced Larissa and got married to Vanessa Guerra, everything has changed. He moved out of their house after realizing how intrusive his mother was. Debbie, who had been single for 13 years after her husband Harley Johnson died, decided to date again, and she was filmed doing it on the single life season 2.

Tony is the landlord of Debbie’s friend who resides in Canada, and that’s how they connected and started their relationship. Their romance developed so fast, which prompted Debbie to consider leaving the US and moving to Canada. Some 90 day fiancé Fans have discovered something, which proves that Debbie and Tony have entered a new phase of their relationship, thanks to a photo of them together uploaded On Debbie’s Instagram.


In the social media post, Debbie had a happy face and she was wearing a beautiful and shiny engagement ring on her left hand. In the comments section, many of her fans left supporting comments to show their love and support for her and Tony, while others where asking whether if she was wearing an engagement ring or not.
Debbie was last seen in Season 3 of 90 Day The Single Life. It was during this season that she first met Tony, and then she decided to start a new life in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Debbie’s most recent Instagram image is captioned, “We’re at the Richmond Night Market,” confirming that she is currently living in Canada with Tony. At first, she couldn’t believe that she was moving to a new country at the age of 70, it was a risky move from her part, but we are glad that everything went great for her and tony.
Colt’s mom took the risk because she was madly in love with Tony, and he was madly in love with her as well. Her first dating experience occurred during Season 2 of The Single Life, during which, Debbie had gotten a dramatic head-to-toe makeover at the time, and she also altered her hairstyle and color. Debbie’s new style, however, did not impress her date Jay, and she ended up being ghosted. She only found happiness with Tony, even though at first, her son Colt was not pleased with his mother’s decision. He accused Tony of meddling in his mother’s life and claimed Debbie had chosen “the first guy who showed up at the door.”.
Debbie was taken aback by Colt’s nastiness, and Tony was astounded by what Colt thought of him. After The Single Life season 3 Tell-All, Colt accused Debbie of not caring about his late father, and the mother and son duo moved further apart. Debbie and Colt maintained contact, but the gap between them appears to have increased both geographically and metaphorically.
At their current age, Debbie and Tony will not have a big wedding. It’s going to be mostly a small ceremony by the end of this summer, for which they will invite their close family members and friends to share their joy with them, and Debbie’s son and his wife Venessa for sure are invited and will be there.

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