Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas’ Best ‘Tracker’ Scenes Before Season 2

Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas’ Best ‘Tracker’ Scenes Before Season 2

Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas’ Best ‘Tracker’ Scenes Before Season 2
Sofia Pernas appeared on one episode — so far — of Justin Hartley‘s hit CBS series Tracker, and its all some fans can think about ahead of season 2.

Tracker is just one of many projects that showed off Pernas and Hartley’s chemistry. The pair originally met on the set of The Young and The Restless in 2015. They started dating years later after reconnecting off screen and subsequently tied the knot in 2021. Since then, Pernas and Hartley have collaborated on Quantum Leap and now, Tracker.



The procedural, which is based on Jeffery Deaver‘s novel The Never Game, introduced Hartley as a survivalist named Colter. Despite his loner tendencies, Colter surprised viewers when he reunited with his ex Billie during the first season.

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Context clues revealed that Billie formed a connection with Colter until she tricked him out of a reward. While working on a new case, sparks reignited between the fictional couple. Colter attempted to rekindle things with Billie but she pulled back at the last second.
This isn’t the end for Colter and Billie. After Tracker was renewed for a second season, Hartley confirmed to Deadline in May 2024 that Pernas would be back “several times” to pick up where she left off.

“You’re just watching a talented actor. There were a few things we had the benefit of discussing privately that, normally, you don’t have time to do that,” he told Deadline about working with Pernas. “But when you live with the person, you can talk about that stuff at dinner, and go, ‘Hey, what about this?’ So we really got a chance to dialogue about that.”

Tracker returns for its sophomore season in fall 2024. Keep scrolling for a guide to Us‘ favorite Colter and Billie moments so far:

Reunited and It Feels So Good

There’s nothing quite like a reconnection between two characters with obvious history. As soon as Billie appeared in a March 2024 episode, viewers could sense there was something more between her and Colter. The duo slowly confirmed that a past job put them at odds — but there was still chemistry in the air.

“You know when I saw this job I thought, ‘In and out, open and shut, easy money deal,’” Billie told Colter after they crossed paths again. “And then you walked in. It’s going to be fun beating you to the reward.”

Accidentally Working Together

Despite their initial attempts to work separately, Colter and Billie realized they worked better together. Their search for a missing prize-winning horse led Colter and Billie to the same place, which is when they floated the idea of working side by side.

“We were good together,” Billie told Colter about their partnership. Colter initially said he didn’t “trust” Billie but it didn’t take long for them to call a truce.

Billie later surprised Colter when she suggested they have dinner once they solve the case. Colter’s hesitance hinted at some resurfaced feelings, which only got more intense as their search for the missing course continued.

Heating Up the Screen After a Literal Fire

The case subsequently led Colter and Billie to a deserted farm. The investigation took a turn when Colter and Billie realized they were tricked by the actual kidnapper, who locked Colter and Billie in a burning barn. They managed to survive by putting their trust in each other.

“Thank you for helping me back there by the way,” Colter told Billie once they were safe. “You could have let me fall.”

She replied: “You really think that’s who I am? I guess I earned that. It’s your own fault. You were acting so superior. I had to prove I was above your level.”

The raw moment only got more intense as Colter bandaged Billie up. Colter won Billie — and Us — over when he revealed that he “always thought” Billie was “above” his level. Colter and Billie almost shared a kiss before a phone call ruined the vibe.
Once the investigation was over, Colter asked if he was still meeting Billie for the dinner she “promised” him. Billie, however, walked away from her obvious feelings for Colter by moving on to her next case without him knowing.

“Rain check? I’m late for that job in Austin,” she told Colter. In response, he left her with some parting words, adding, “Good luck with that and I will see you when I see you, Billie.”

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