Sullivan's Crossing

‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ season 2, episode 9 release date, confirmed

‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ season 2, episode 9 release date, confirmed

Chad Michael Murray, Morgan Kohan, and Scott Patterson in a promo photo for Sullivan's Crossing on The CW

When will we see more of Maggie, Cal, and Sully’s story?

A cozy small town, a girl next door, and of course, Luke Danes. For many fans, Sullivan’s Crossing is appealing because it feels like Gilmore Girls, but the show stands on its own.

Adapted from the book series by Robyn Carr, Sullivan’s Crossing premiered in 2023 on the Canadian network CTV. Its second season found a home on, and was co-produced by, the American network The CW. Morgan Kohan plays Maggie Sullivan, a doctor who begins living in Nova Scotia again trying to repair her connection to her dad, Harry Sullivan (Scott Patterson), who goes by Sully.

Further establishing its relatability to Gilmore Girls, Sullivan’s Crossing stars two Gilmore Girls alum: Patterson, who played Luke Danes, and Chad Michael Murray, who played Chilton student Tristan DuGray. Murray plays Maggie’s love interest Cal Jones on Sullivan’s Crossing.

Besides being a Gilmore Girls reunion of two great actors, Sullivan’s Crossing is a sweet show about family. Here’s when we watch the ninth episode of season 2 to see what happens next.

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When does season 2, episode 9 of Sullivan’s Crossing air?

Season 2, episode 9 of Sullivan’s Crossing airs on Sunday, June 9, 2024. The episode is called “Remorse” and will see Cal and Maggie team up to be there for Sully, who has always wanted to make up for the bike accident involving Lola Gunderson (Amalia Williamson). Season 2, episode 10, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” will also air on June 9th.

Sullivan’s Crossing may be a sweet show like Gilmore Girls, but like the TV series it often gets compared to, the CW drama also delves into some important subjects. Throughout season one, Maggie wrestled with a lot of feelings about her childhood and how her dreams for adulthood have changed, and that continues into season 2. It has a great mix of family and romantic storylines and it’s hard not to swoon over Maggie and Cal’s time getting to know each other (and we enjoy seeing Tristan DuGray and Luke Danes on the same show, as well).

When looking for a warm and fuzzy show that has deep relationships, Sullivan’s Crossing is definitely a good choice, and season 2 has been strong. Season 2, episode 9’s storyline is all about whether people can really change the past and if forgiveness is possible.

In an interview with Yahoo! News, showrunner Roma Roth said that Sullivan’s Crossing is a realistic series about choosing who to get close to, even if those people aren’t your relatives. Roth said, “I just think it’s nice to be able to have characters that are going through different types of family structures,” and added, “our world today isn’t kind of a cookie cutter world, … it’s not just necessarily your traditional family scenario.”

Roth continued, “I think there are all a lot of people who have been through a divorce, or in a second marriage, so I wanted to make sure that the show appealed to people by being real and representing the world as we see it today.”

While Gilmore Girls is famous for its episodes set during fall, Sullivan’s Crossing shows the beauty of Nova Scotia and is the perfect summery watch. When we’re all caught up, it’s a great time to check out (or re-read) Robyn Carr’s equally dramatic and moving book series.

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